Quick Review of the Movie “The Intouchables”

When a movie is “based” on a true story. My first thought is to quantify how true it may be based on my experiences of what reality should be. I then soon realize, reality is subjective as one may find something that happens to be real while I may find it out to be farfetched. After typing this I also realize i cannot ever say that movie, based on a true story, sensationalized certain moments as i usually do.

That being said, the intouchables is a contemporary french film that tells the story of two unlikely characters, crossing paths and getting along. This may sound like your every day odd couple story and it is. Not saying that it isn’t a great movie, but that it has been done before. Both characters appear to born on opposite ends of the spectrum, only to fatefully meet on this day in their time of need, they butt heads but end up bromancing each other and grow economically and personally.

Its a feel good movie, its a nice escape from the day to day. One thing I do take from this movie is that life is short, and you must take advantage of every aspect. The fact a majority of us have legs to use except we waste them everyday sitting in front of computers saddens me a bit. We  should take every interaction with a fresh start, and leaving it as it could or would be our last. Very cliche for me to say live everyday like it could be your last but I have a better way of putting it. (Completely taken from joe rogan’s podcast)

Live everyday as if you were watching a movie. And in this movie, you yourself are the hero. What would the hero do in every situation. Would the hero sit in front of the TV or would the hero go to a local coffee shop to meet his/her friends. Would the hero take his/her time with the current assignment or complete it with quality THEN take on something new. Would the hero be complacent with his/her life or strive to make it more exciting.

All fun questions to ask. Anyway, I am introducing my grading scale. A movie can either be “do not watch” or “watch if you have time” or (the much sough-after) “watch this when you get home”

The Intouchables receives… a “wach if you have time.”

Thank you for reading, I hope this was not a waste of your time.